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Body care

Full body massage to relieve stiffness and tiredness of muscles, while promoting better blood circulation. (Clothes on and no oil)

Tiredness of total body  40min 3400yen
Extreme tiredness  60min 5100yen
Stubborn tiredness of total body 80min 6800yen
Price per additional 10 min 850yen

Manipulative treatment / bodywork

Check distortion of the body, adjust posture and remedy the cause of pain and tiredness.

Point correction 40min 3600yen
Pelvis/ Small face/ Bow-legs/ Knock-knees 60min 5400yen
Full body maintenance  80min 7200yen
Price per additional 10min 900yen

Oil Therapy

There are two types of courses.-"Treatment course" for relaxation and comfort. "Lymph course" for refreshing the body.

Half body therapy 40min 3800yen
Full body therapy  60min 5700yen
Basic therapy  80min 7600yen
Executive therapy 100min 9500yen
Price per additional 10min 950yen

Face care

Addition of Décolleté lymph massage, can expect to have smaller face and whitening ability including lifting the corner of eyes, the corner of mouth and bigger looking eyes.

Facial treatment  40min 4000yen
Small face lymph 60min 6000yen
Price per additional 10min 1000yen

Foot care(Reflexology)

By stimulating the sole of the feet which improves organ function and reduces swelling/strain of calves, ankles and feet.

The sole of the feet  40min 3600yen
The sole of the feet to below knee 60min 5400yen
Price per additional 10min 900yen


16th to 36th weeks of pregnancy course. Massage gently with oil. Have a nice healing time with mother and baby.

TFull body treatment  70min 7000yen
Full body and face treatment  120min 12000yen
Price per additional 10min 1000yen

Set menu

Combining each menu can expect more effects.

Body care 50min + foot care 30min 80min 6200yen
Pelvis correction 40min + Half body lymph 40min 80min 6500yen
Full body lymph 60min + Smaller face lymph 100min 8200yen
Body care 60min + Full body lymph 60min 120min 9100yen


Additional menu to above.

Body stretch 20min 1800yen
Cuticle care of back 20min 1800yen
Head care 20min 1800yen
Hand care 20min 1800yen
Bowels therapy 15min 1500yen
Far-infrared sauna once 500yen
Vantage sweating gel  one spot 500yen
Face pack Various types one 500yen
Premium aroma oil 500yen

Aroma makes you more relaxed Choose from several kinds.
All prices are tax included.
Please accept that each shop might have different services.